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gitk example application running in opengl mode gitk example application running in gtk+ mode gitk example application running in text mode The project is still very much under construction. The base API seems to be quite fixed though. I currently work on various rendering modules and continuously improve the current implementation of the core library. The aim is to get the core-design fixed within the next two or three releases.
Additionally I work on a set of test programs to demonstrate the progress. For project news, please have a look at the sourceforge project page.

At the top right side you can see three small screenshots for the same mini application, once in textmode, once in gtk+ mode and once in opengl mode (click the images for larger versions).

gitk management console gitk management console xml inspect The current CVS (or a version > 0.2) allows you to control and inspect running GITK applications via an embedded httpd server (using libhttpd) - this means a running application can export a managment console. The screenshots at the left side give should you an idea of how it looks like.
You can already switch things like language and style while the applications runs. This works for text, gtk+ and opengl renderers. It is even possible to switch the renderer, while the application runs (this is still experimental and may crash the application). Further you can inspect the XML (source and renderer) dialog descriptions of all currently active dialogs. Therewith you can see how the XML gets transformed and how the state of the running application is written back to the XML model.
The https service answers on requests with XML documents, that can easilly be styled via XSLT/CSS (as shown in the example). This has been tested with the Mozilla browser.

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If you have any comments, ideas and suggestions, besides mailing me, you can join the project mailing lists or meet us in the developer IRC discussion channel "#gitk" at Many thanks to the team and especially to gee!

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