gitk Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
AsciiInfoStructure which hold the meaning between pressed key and the ASCIItable
GitkCallbackNodeGeneral gitk event callback node
CAPI_DataCapi-data of capi service
CAPI_DtmfDtmf-data of capi service
CAPI_InfoInfo-data of capi service
dialogAttributes for the container of the dialog
GitkDialogGitk dialog, active dialog with a GitkLayout
dialogwidgetAttributes for widget for dialog operation
GitkEventGeneral gitk event
FT_AlawAlaw-data of festival speech output service
FT_InfoInfo-data of festival speech output service
FT_WaveWave-data of festival speech output service
gimlRoot element attributes
GitkrGtkLayoutGitkr gtk+ layout
GitkrGtkLayoutPageGitkr gtk mode layout page
GitkrGtkWidgetGeneral gitkr gtk+ widget
GitkrLayoutGitkr qb layout
GitkLayoutGitk layout, keeps information of layout wich is not in the dom tree
GitkrPhoneLayoutGitkr phone layout
GitkrPhoneLayoutPageGitkr Phone mode layout page
GitkrPhoneWidgetGeneral gitkr phone widget
GitkRendererGitk renderer plugin. This structure keeps all data related to a single renderer instance
GitkrTextLayoutGitkr text mode layout
GitkrTextLayoutPageGitkr text mode layout page
GitkrTextWidgetGeneral gitkr text mode widget
GitkWidgetGeneral GitkWidget
widgetAttributes for dialog widget

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